Joe Eisenberg's Kit Building Workshop

On Friday from 1 to 4PM, HamXposition will feature a kit-building seminar led by Joe Eisenberg.

  • Workshop can accommodate between 15-20 people, so space is limited.

  • You will be building an FM stereo broadcast receiver kit:
    • We will supply the kit, batteries, and stereo earbuds. It has one surface mount part on the bottom of the board.
    • Joe will show you two different methods to solder it in place and use this part to teach how to deal with surface mount parts.
    • The rest of the parts are conventional through-hole components. Joe will go over some methods to make the best solder connections.
    • We will also supply 63/37 solder to show why this type of solder is best for hand soldering.
    • Total cost for each builder will be $10. If you have the proper tools, please bring them.

  • Basic tools will be provided, but attendees are welcome to bring their own tools

Important: Contact Joe at k0neb@hamxposition.org and let him know you are interested.